19 Feb 2007

Today we went visiting the relatives. I learnt something more about Hong Kong culture today.

They give Ang Baos in pairs, and they give just about to anybody, as long as there is the smallest reason to give. From married friends to single friends, from married colleauges to thier subordinates. We even give to the security guards at the gates, as they were already waiting to ambush us!

I am not sure how everyone sees the act of giving Ang Baos. To me, it must feel meaningful to give Ang Baos, and to borrow a quote from the Bible, one must give willingly. That means giving to people I care about, people that I know so that I feel that I am giving my blessings. (As my wife puts it)

However sometimes I meet people (singles) that I do not know at visitations, and what do you do? You give money to people you barely know for half an hour. :) That is not meaningful to me. However I still give because I do not want to break an age old tradition and be the talking point of relatives. After all it is Chinese New Year and everyone is supposed to be generous, no matter whether you are rich or poor. (sense the sacarsm?)


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