Chinese New Year's Trip to HK

Whenever I travel, I try to record the things that I did daily, so that I dont forget what I did if I ever want to remember. Well I reckon the fact that you are in a foreign place for a only certain amount of days makes it worth remembering, no matter whether what I did was interesting or boring. Every moment counts I suppose and thats why I am putting down what I did during the 7 days I was in HK for Chinese New Year. Here goes:

Day One (Sunday 18 Jan 2007)
Touched down at HK Airport at about 7.30pm.
Went to Lydia's sister's new house for visit before going to Lydia's house.
Helped the Dad make HK style carrot cake until 2 in the morning.

Day Two ( Monday 19 Jan 2007)
Slept in.
11 something - visited Lydia's grandma at one of the uncles's house.
After that went to Cafe De Coral for lunch.
Afternoon - Went to buy tickets for Zhongshan and Walking around the city (Langham Place)
Dinner - 'Kai Nian' Dinner and watched a movie with Ah Gil in my arms.

Day Three (Tuesday 20 Jan 2007)
Woke up 6.30am to pack
Took the coach across the border to Zhongshan
Reached at lunch. Went to Mary's restaurant for lunch.
Visited Sun Yat Sun Garden.
Walked around city till night.
Had dinner steamboat with Mary's Dad.
Went to Mary's house to stay the night. (Sick by then)

Day Four ( Wed 21 Jan 2007)
Woke up late still sick.Decided to go back to HK.
Had lunch at Mary's other restaurant.
Took the coah and train back to HK. Reached at 6.30pm.
Saw a doctor at HK Baptist Hospital.
The Mum cooked porridge with fish head.
Slept early.

Day Five (Thurs 22 Jan 2007)
Slept in and it was raining.
Went to Fairwood for breakfast.
After that went to the Sister's wharehouse to visit her office.
Had Japanese at shopping centre near the wharehouse.
Walked around Sha Tin in afternoon.
Had dinner at Thai restaurant.

Day Six (Friday 23 Jan 2007)
Slept in.
Went to make glasses with Lydia and Mum.
After that went for Yum Cha .
Met the Dad to go Hollywood Street.
After that went to MongKok for Claypot rice.
The Parents went home while Lydia and me went to buy her phone.
Went home and packed up.

Day Seven (Sat 24 Jan 2007)
Slept in.
Went for breakfast at Faairwood.
Went to the Mum's sister place for gathering.
Left for Bird Street and supermarket shopping.
Went home to change before heading to one of the Uncle's 60 Birthday celebrations.

Day Eight (Sun 25 Jan 2007)
Back to Singapore


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