What do you think about in a day?

I realise that in our fast paced life of Singapore, each day passes so quickly that sometimes we dont stop to think what we have done each day. From now on, at the end of each day, in 4 simple points, I will try to think about :
1) What I should be thankful for (ie, that includes what I should look forward to)
2) What I should apologise for (that includes what I should have done right)
3) My resolutions (ie things I want to do before I die) and
4) What I should pray for
Well to start....
1) I should be thankful to Him that my wife arrived safely on the plane today. I should be thankful that we had the chance to bring my grandma out for a dinner today.
3) I realise that I have lived in my neighbourhood for 20 years. But I have never had the time to see what goes on in a whole day around my neighbourhood. I want to station myself outside my balcony for a whole day and see the daily routines of other people: what sort of people goes pass my apartment and the destinations they are headed for....
4) Pray for my wife to switch quickly back to work mode from holiday mode so that her efficiency at work will not be affected.


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