Why Newcastle?

My friend asked me the other day why I like Newcastle so much. It seems like such a far away place to him, 2 hours from Sydney and it used to be a industrial town.
Well, I can only say that it is the kind of place where you can only appreciate if you live there. It is such a romantic place to be and the city does not crave for perfection.

Whenever I go driving in the 'Lucky' country and I see acres and acres of land that stretch beyond the horizon, I feel a sense of freedom and even though I dont belong to the country, I feel as if the land belongs to everybody, including me. I feel as if I own part of it. In Singapore, I feel the land belongs to the Government, and the thought of having to jostle with 6.5 million people in the future, including having to share it with foreigners scares the living **** out of me. The only estate possesion I will have is a 'box' in the sky, stacked up with a million other 'boxes'. I dont feel free.

Dont get me wrong. I am not a racist. And I totally understand the need to 'open up' our country to keep our economy competitive. There are foreigners in most developed countries. Unfortunately in a country where there is limited land, having lots of foreigners means that the sense of ownership that the locals have for their country will be inevitably eroded, as there just is just not enough to go around. This is the result of globalisation and I dont think there is a win win situation to this problem.

Would appreciate differing opinions in the hope that someone can convince me otherwise.


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