You dare to give me coins???!!!!

Sometimes I really wonder how traditions become traditionas and customs become customs. When I was in HongKong, my wife told me that Hong Kong shopowners think its rude if you give them small change to buy something. They would rather you give them big notes. That probably shows that you are generous enough to buy something from them and you can afford to buy thier stuff. I still have not found out the common sensical rational behind this practice. In Singapore, most shop owners appreciate it if you can give them small change as they can then in turn give them to other customers. My wife even told me that it is common for Hong Kongers to go to the bank with heaps of coins to change back to notes as they end up with plenty of coins because of this practice! Coins are practically useless in HK as nobody dares to use them for fear of being talked about.

There you go. Life will be much simpler if people try to think rationally. I understand that the situation is much better now.


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