Apple of Orange?

You know, I refuse to believe it at first, but my overseas friends tell me that Singaporeans spend an excessively useless amount of time in choosing fruit at the supermarkets. Then I saw it! At NTUC the other day, this old man was just not happy with his orange. I think if I had stood there and timed him, he probably spent half an hour choosing 8 oranges.

What is wrong with these people?????? Is it the Singaporean mentality that there is always something better?

Then as I started to notice, I began to feel that Singaporeans do spend more time in choosing their fruit! They will weigh it in their hands, carress it, smell it, scrutinize it, look for microscopic defects, and then throw it aside, find another one and do the same thing all over again!

Talk about comparing apple to apple. How can you compare apple to apple if you feel that one apple is different from the other?????


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