Surfing the Menu

Well, now that I am actually 'free' during the day, I have had the good (or is it bad) fortune of being able to watch televesion programmes in the afternoons.

Just watched this lifestyle programme called 'Surfing the Menu' on Channel ***. To me this programme epitomises the good life in Australia. The programme is about these 2 Aussie chefs who love to surf, and they travel all over Australia to discover interesting foods and things to do. (They do go to other countries as well)

A typical episode has them going to a local town to look for good surf. These guys would also go diving, catch their own lobster or two, then proceed to cook it outdoors (chuck it on the grill, throw a little sea salt, butter, salads and there you go). They would also visit the local vineyard, try a wine or two then ride thier motorbikes into the Australia sunset to end the show. Their language is unpretentious, very informal, typical Australian laid back style. During the travels, the background would show the beautiful Australian sky, sea or bush. It is almost like in your face, trying to tell you that, "Mate, this is Australia, we dont have to do anything special, just look at what we have here."

You know, I have many well travelled Australian friends who have told me that they will not trade places with anyone in the world. Australia has many natural resources and landscapes that my country lacks.

I believe quite fervently in the view that in order to live longer and healthier, you have to be in touch with the great outdoors on a daily basis. That could explain why the rich would choose to buy a unit at Sentosa Cove that faces the sea. In Singapore, only these people can afford to pay millions for the location.

In Australia, I probably could afford one quite easily. Sigh, another push factor for me to go.


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