Things to do in Newcastle

I just realise that during our times in Newcastle, both my wife and me did different things before we were together.

I did and I miss:

1) Sitting down in the cafes along Darby Street with a cup of coffee and watching the world go by.
2) Going for a drive into the country state of Maitland and watching the cows, horses and sheep whizz by.
3) Going body surfing at the beach.
4) Going for a pinic by the Hunter River.
5) Flying kites and having a game of touch rugby on the foreshore
6) Fishing at the harbour and catching good size breams that are fit for eating
7) Driving up to the lookout points and watch the sea below our feet.
8) Having barbecues and campfires at Blackbutt reserve with kangeroos hopping around us.
9) Driving up to the cowboy town of Morpeth to buy homemade jam and fresh honey.
10) Going sanddune surfing and horse riding at Stockton Beach.
11) Renting a small boat going out to sea at Nelson's Bay for 80 dollars a day.
12) Driving to Hunter Valley for the day to try out the different local wines.
13) Taking a walk at the wetlands behind the University early in the morning.
14) Wandering aimlessly along the neverending aisles at Coles and Woolworths and buying cheap fresh yogurt, milk, cheese, ice cream,bread, mangoes,apricots.
15) Having a beer at the Brewery with no cover charge and at 3 bucks for a pint. ( The ginger beer is home made and it has real beer in it)
16) Going to the giant do-it-yourself ware house and oogling at the countless hardware that you can make yourself.
17) Going to Peking and Kingsland restaurants. (Where they sell Hong Kong food that taste better than those in Singapore)
18) Being able to drive bare bodied and go to the supermarket barefooted and no one cares

Hmnn, come to think of it, Newcastle is not such a dead town after all.


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