Two Old Men

I wrote this when I was 18, one day when I was walking pass a petrol station and I saw two old men staring into space while waiting for business. That really made me wonder why they are sitting there in the first place.

2 old men

staring out of the glass panel
two old man in a petrol station
waiting patiently
for their last and final customer
their fuel has finally run out and the candle has died

2 old man sitting on a bench
thinking about life
and what it has done for them
wondering what has gone wrong
and how they have come this far

through the years of ages has passed
their wrinkles on their foreheads show
the years gone by
the tears and the joy
so many things left undone
so few years left to come

its sad
when you think about it
and you wonder why
you never gave it your all

two old man
sitting on a bench
wondering what they could have done
to deserve this in the end
too many regrets
too much spent

two old man
sitting on a bench
wondering why life is so


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