What is your version of a home cooked meal

I realised that home cooked meals are mostly consumed at home that I never get to see what my friends's versions of home cooked meals consists of. To me a home cooked meal should evoke memories and yet taste good at the same time.

Last week, I had one of the best meals I have ever had in weeks. It was a home cooked dinner prepared partly by my grandma. My grandma is 85, and I am going to miss her food when she is gone. It was a simple balanced meal consisting of :

-soy sauce chicken with ginger shreds,
-steamed egg with dried turnip sprinlings and a dash of sesame oil,
-boiled bak choy with a dash of diluted oyster sauce
-some kind of fish fillet seasoned with tumeric powder and chopped fish roe (this was by my dad)

what do you think? What is your version of a home cooked meal?


Victor said…
Both my wife and I have full-time jobs. I am very lucky that I still have my mum-in-law (almost 70-year-old)to prepare home-cooked dinners for me 4 days a week. Most are simple dishes, like fried fish with no sauce and stir-fried vegetables. There's always a soup (commonly yong tau foo, spinach or sometimes medicated chicken).

She looks after my sons since young too. (Now they are aged 10 and 15.) So paiseh to say this - my father-in-law cleans up my house for me too.

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