My friends

When I was in Australia for the 5 years of my life, I seldom kept in touch with my friends in Singapore. It was almost I wanted to forget the sad episodes of my life and I wanted to start a new life in another country, hopefully do something right along the way and come back a new person.

However, I guess a lot of my friends thought I forgotten about them. Maybe I should clear the air for the record, that you were definetly not forgotten. I spent many a times when I was overseas remisninsing about the good old days at school.

I will always appreciate what my friends have done for me, and what I would become without them. I will always remember Mr L, who spent much of his personal time after school hours to tuition me, knowing that I was weak in maths. I will remember him as the person who will come to my house at the beck of a phone call when I was having problems with my computer. For that I thank him and I will always be grateful.

I guess every now and then I will thank someone I know for what he/she has done for me and hopefully they get to read this blog.


Victor said…
It is always good to be grateful. But how would Mr L know that you are grateful to him, even if he stumbles upon this blog, since you are known as "Soul" and he as Mr L?

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