Hang Seng Korean Restaurant

I passed my IPPT today even though I wasnt feeling well and I just had to celebrate! Went to this Korean Restaurant called Hang Seng Korean Restaurant at Square 2 (adjacent to Novena Square). Had passed by this restaurant several times and my gut feel has been asking me to try it out. I was not disssapointed tonight.

Opted for the barbecue menu and selected just 2 meats and a ginseng chicken soup. The next thing we know, we were whacked by 10 over side dishes that looked too good to be eaten! The last time I has so many authentic side dishes was several years ago when I was still in Australia studying at this Korean restaurant in Chinatoan Sydney.

The barbecue area had all these stainless steel vertical pipes at each table that hung from the ceiling which were the exhaust ducts. Each pipe hung over the grill area and could extend downwards to just above the grill and they were also part of the interior design, giving it a high tech look.

They cook the meats by charcoal too. How they do this is to use a gas fire to heat up the charcoal first. Once the charcoal is heated up they will turn off the gas and let the charcoal cook the meat.

The 2 Korean lady owners are so friendly and helpful and so are the staff. Every now and then they will come by your table to cook the meat for you and explain how to cook it properly and chat with you. One of the lady boss did not even hesitate to bring us another portion of the side dish of mushrooms upon seeing how we liked it so much, even though we were only supposed to have one portion.

Overall we felt warm, welcomed, food is great, interior design is nice. Food is authentic Korean. Price depends on whether you have barbecue or the non barbecue stuff. Barbecue would be slightly costly I think. Be prepared to spend a bit.

Aw man, no photos, I was so busy abosorbing in the food and environment around me and of course chatting with my lovely wife that I forgot to take photos!


Victor said…
My wife works near Square 2. Will try out this restaurant next time.

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