shopping for a birthday present

My wife told me that she wanted to have a pair of loop earrings for her Chirstmas cum Birthday present. She has strongly hinted she wanted white gold earrings with some diamonds on it. Having been given this instruction I set out on the task to find such an item within my limited budget. These are my findings for the day:

Citigems, Lee Hwa and Goldheart are from the same parent company and their earrings are way above my budget. (They keep recommending things above my budget without showing any concern to my budget. Do I look like a bloody rich kid or what?)

Taka jewellery, on the other hand, is at the other end of the spectrum for white gold earrings. They showed me one going for $99 at special discount. Well, I was tempted but how can I get such cheap earrings for a combined present for my wife??? haha...They have earrings with diamonds going for 100 over bucks can you believe it?

Finally found Soo Kee...They have a sister company called SK Jewellery. Their pricing? Just nice for me! but still needs to be on sales for it to be worthwhile......

Picked a pair of earrings with 16 diamonds, zipped my card wrapped it, and went home feeling like a man who has just caught his prize fish...!

All in all, I realised that for some reason there are not many designs for white gold loop earrings with diamonds. in the market..Also not all the same designs are displayed in the shops. The ones on town carry more upmarket and trendy designs, while those in the suburbs may carry other ranges targeted at the aunties...

Now I am wondering if those gold smith shops at Little India and Chinatown sell white gold as well, and if they are any cheaper...hah ha.


rossi said…
hi..u did right by giving wat ur wife hinted..i got something beyond my wildest dreams..a contemporary design jewellery(i do not like contemporary ones)..after yrs of marriage my hubby still does not know my tastes..wish he had let me choose..a pair of earrings wld hv been perfect..

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