Speed reading demystified

I have always wanted to know if I can read faster then I actually can. I always thought my reading speed was slower than others. So when I found a speed reading course that my company can pay for, I jumped at it.

After 2 days of intensive course, I actually doubled my reading speed! I went home learning a few things:

We took a qualitative test and concluded that my reading speed is actually of normal pace with the average person. Ha ha. Now that I am empowered with this gift, I can turn my speed reading mode on and off and choose to read certain documents faster than others. Also the trainer mentioned that speed reading is actually un natural as you are reading faster than you should, therefore you get tired faster.

There is a trade off between reading speed and comprehension. Obviously if you read faster you tend to understand less. The challenge is to double your speed and yet able to understand 80% of what you are reading.

Also speed reading needs practice!

But to be frank, after the course I have not put my speed reading to use yet. But I guess that’s just the lazy bugger in me.

My course cost $450 over 2 days. Multiply that by the number of students (20 per class) and number of days per month and I have this feeling that my trainer is a rich man! Haha

If anyone ever wants to know in more detail they can contact me at my email…..


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