Words that stay with you - Anna Tan

Were there ever times in your childhood when something someone said remains in your mind forever?

I remember as a school prefect I was once tasked to host a farewell ceremony for a senior teaching staff in front of the entire school. I was 14 and had no prior experience. Anyway I did what I thought was right and the ceremony was pretty smooth. After the event this teacher came up to me and told me,' You know Lester, I thought for a first timer you make a pretty decent MC.'

Now this teacher was not known to be generous with her compliments. To hear that from her really brightened up my day, and it was a great boost and validation to my confidence and potential. From then on, if I ever get asked to host an event, I will always remmember what she said, go on stage, just be myself and enjoy the moment. So far I have never gotten disastrous comments.

So it is really important what you say to your child when they are young, becuase they remember it for life. Now that I have grown up and fully appreciated that teacher's comments, I wanted to meet up with her to thank her. But alas, the last thing I heard, she had quit her teaching job and went to India to be a missionary to do God's work. One day she turned on the stove at her home in India and the tank exploded. She died of burns. (this was a few years ago.)

God bless her in heaven. One day if I am ever given the opportunity I will hone my skills in hosting and public speaking and bring joy and inspiration to people and make her proud.

Thank you Ms Tan, for you have given me what others could not give.


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