Movie Review: Slumdog Millionaire

I am so happy that I am catching all the right movies recently. This one will be another of my all time favourites. What does a game show got to do with the telling of a Indian slumboy's pathetic life? How the gameshow is connected throughout the movie and ends as a final climax is so well woven into the movie fabric. Intense storeyline, well balanced rythm that kept me captivated by what is going to happen next. This movie has Daniel Boyle's characteristics that he used in 28 Days Later, by using lighting from a main source and shadow casting to create a wilderness effect. In 28 Days Later, it was the humans that were alone. In the case of Slumdog Millionaire, it is the loneliness of the main character where he is all alone in the slums of India.

Ultimately it is a love story of hope and faith. I think he chose India as the setting as it is the most unlikely of places to find hope and faith. Similarly in 28 Days later, he chose London as the setting because it was the most unlikely place to find zombies. I love his anti mainsteam style.

I am beginning to regonise his trademark characteristics, such as aerial shots, tracking shots, using colours in a dull setting, and the spot lighting effect....

This movie certainly deserves the accolades that it has been getting. Piece of art.


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