2009 for me was a roller coaster ride. It is by far one of the most difficult years of my working life. It is the year of hard knocks for me, full of drama and brought out the worst in people, myself included. I asked God why he subjected me to such suffering and he replied that he wanted me to see people for what they truly are. He wanted me to see through their hearts and not take them as face value, to distinguish between those who can be real friends and those who cant. Also on the upside, I know myself better and I know what I do not want for my next job. It cannot get any worst than this job. I have been through the worst of the worst departments and the worst of worst bosses.

When it comes to bosses I remember them very clearly, both for the good and bad. So far I have been unfortunate (or fortunate?haha) to have gotten bosses who are poor leaders/managers, and I know that when I become a boss, I will never be like them.

You can judge for yourself from the real life examples below:

Boss in Job Number 2
-tells you to be more like this other named colleauge, compares you with this other named colleauge

Boss in Job Number 3
-when not satisfied with your performance, keeps it inside her and does not give you feedback, unitl she uses her accumulated unhappiness as a reason to judge my performance during appraisal time
-uses my colleauges as a reason to say that people are not happy with me. Up till today I still do not know the truth if she is lying or not. Her integrity is questionable

Boss in Job Number 4
-micro manages
-wants you to do whatever he says
-wants to do everything at the same time, cannot prioritise
-irresponsible in saying things, twists and turns and does not take ownership
-does not step up
-indecisive, changes his mind all the time
-one tracked mind

2nd boss in Job Number 4
-Jokingly ridicules you in front of external parties (9 Feb)
-Temperamental : mood changes split second

-Think he knows everything. thinks he is smart

-Obsessively concerned about thought processes
-But he is extremely good at identifying bottle necks

My pet peeves
-When a boss tells you to change your planned leave just because he wants you to be around.
-When a boss tells you to go into his room every time he wants to know some little thing.
-When a boss overlook something and he tells you that you its your job to remind him.


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